Former Members

The NYPD Pipes & Drums does not recognize the term ex-member.  People that have left our band remain our friends for life. Many of the below listed people left because they moved away, or needed more time with their family etc. Some of them left only when God took them from us, but again, they always remain in our hearts.

These former members are:

Ptl. George Ambrose Det Donald Gaffney Ptl Kevin  P. Meagher
Drummer Piper Piper
PO John Argano Lt. James Gill P.O. Justin Meagher
Color Guard Piper Drummer
Lt. Eamon Blake Det Brendan Glynn Insp Pearse P. Meagher
Piper Piper Piper
Det Robert Bisbee Ptl Frank Glynn Ptl Thomas F. Meagher
Tenor Drummer Piper Piper
Sgt Kevin Brady Capt John Gorman Capt. Ed Minogue
Piper Piper Piper/Pipe Major
Det Thomas Brancella Polw Helen Grant Nellie Ptl Joseph Mullane
Piper Piper Piper
Ptl Robert Buckridge Det William Halley PO Tom Murray
Drummer Piper
PO Paul Burke Insp Michael Healy PO Richard Newman
Drummer Piper Piper
Ptl Harold Calmbacher Lt James Henry PO Vincent Newman
Drummer Piper Piper
PO Robert Coffey Sgt James Hines PO Eamon Nugent
Piper Piper Piper
Sgt Joseph Collins Det Paul Hipple Ptl Patrick O’Connor Sr
Piper Drummer Color Guard
Ptl Douglas E Connell Capt. Bob Hogan Ptl William Owens
Drummer Piper/Pipe Major Piper
Det Daniel Conry Det Don Hurley PO Patty O’Sullivan
Drummer Drummer Tenor Drummer
 Lt. Bobby Corcoran Ptl. Don James Det Jerry Pugh
Piper Drummer Tenor Drummer
Sgt. Freddie Crockett Billy Johnson Ptl Barney Quinn
Piper Piper Piper/Bandmaster
PO Jimmy Cronin PO John Kelly Det John Quinn
Drummer Piper Piper
Lt. Kathleen Cronin PO Edward Larkin DI Peter Quinn Sr
 Piper Piper Piper
PO Artie Damm Civ Craig Leitch Det. Mike Reedy
Piper Color Guard Drum Sgt.
Det. Dan Danaher PO Jack Leonard Ptl James Reilly
Piper/Bandmaster Tenor Drummer Tenor Drummer
Sgt. Finbar Devine Det. John Lonergan Det Joseph Reilly
Drum Major Piper Drummer
PO Stephen Driscoll Ptl Edward Maloney Polw Kaye Robinson
Color Guard Piper Drummer
Ptl Richard Dyer PO William Maye Lt Lawrence Savage
Drummer Piper Color Guard
Polw Elizabeth Elliot Mescall PO Pete McAnuff Sgt. James Stewart
Piper Piper Piper
Lt. John Fahey Sgt. Jack McCarthy Det Thomas Sullivan
Drummer Piper
Lt. Robert Farren Capt. Thomas McCarthy Ptl Phil Thompson
Piper Piper Piper/Drum Major
Sgt. Michael Fedele Ptl. Raymond McConville Det Robert Treston
Piper Bass Drummer Drummer
Sgt P.J. Ferguson Ptl Michael McCrory
Drummer Tenor Drummer Piper
Ptl Michael Flaherty Civ Ed McKenna Ptl Donald Waugh
Piper/Pipe Major Piping Instructor Drummer
Ptl Michael Foley PO Dennis McMahon Ptl Thomas Wellington
Piper Bass Drummer
Det Frank Bruno Lt. Arthur Hall
Color Guard Bass Drummer